About VetCEE

The Veterinary Continuous Education in Europe (VetCEE) was founded in 2014 as a joint initiative of veterinary academia (European Association of Establishments of Veterinary Education - EAEVE), veterinary specialists (European Board of Veterinary Specialisation – EBVS) and the veterinary profession (Federation of Veterinarians of Europe - FVE and Union of European Veterinary Practitioners - UEVP).

The main purpose of VetCEE is to provide accreditation of national and international programmes for Continuing Veterinary Education (CVE) in Europe and to facilitate the recognition of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) between the various countries in Europe.

Therefore, VetCEE aims to encourage the highest standards in the development, delivery and harmonization of CVE and of CPD of veterinarians. The main objective is to contribute to high-quality continuous professional development accessible to all veterinarians in Europe, and thus to improve the quality of veterinary medicine.

VetCEE is an independent entity and has established minimum standards for the accreditation of any kind of veterinary CPD activity or e-learning material that fulfils the expected quality requirements. VetCEE closely collaborates with the Veterinary Statutory Bodies or National Competent Authorities and all interested parties of the profession.

VetCEE only focusses on the assessment, evaluation and accreditation of post-graduate veterinary training. Awarding titles, registration of veterinarians and recording of their CPD remains under the responsibility of the National Competent Authorities and/or Veterinary Statutory Bodies. Nevertheless, VetCEE provides a common system of CPD credits and by accrediting veterinary CPD it encourages and facilitates mutual recognition of existing CPD all over Europe.

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