Apply for VetCEE accreditation

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Would you like to apply for accreditation for your CPD programme or event?

The recommended time for submission of an application to VetCEE is at least 16 weeks from the planned start date of the event. The latest date for receipt of a fully completed application form (confirmed by the veterinary practitioner who is taking responsibility for the material), supporting documents (including three sets of logins to access the material for ELM) and confirmed payment of the VetCEE fee is 12 weeks. VetCEE will not accept late applications.

Apply for accreditation

What happens with my application?

Your application will be reviewed by 2 or 3 evaluators, specialists in the field of education and the subject or field of expertise according to the event you wish to have accredited. The evaluators will accredit the event, ask for additional information or clarification or deny accreditation. If your application has been accepted, you will be billed according to the number of credits you applied for.

Preparing an application for accreditation

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