Instructions for evaluators

VetCEE only focuses on the assessment, evaluation and accreditation of post-graduate veterinary training. Awarding titles, registration of veterinarians and recording of their CPD remains under the responsibility of the National Competent Authorities and/or Veterinary Statutory Bodies. Nevertheless, VetCEE provides a common system of CPD credits and by accrediting veterinary CPD it encourages and facilitates mutual recognition of existing CPD all over Europe.

Course applications submitted for accreditation are evaluated for their educational quality and ethical use of animals by VetCEE Experts in Education. The content of each course is evaluated by external evaluators from the particular field of expertise.

Recognized experts with specific competencies in different fields of veterinary medicine must apply to become external evaluators for VetCEE. Interested in becoming a VetCEE evaluator? Please find all the information here. The purpose of the external evaluation is to assess the relevance and quality of the content of the course. Evaluators will be contacted to evaluate applications for courses in their specific field of expertise.

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